Thalija - Track 31

Dive into the Visual Wonderland: Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of hand-painted film, where each frame is a unique work of art. "Thalija's Super8 Summer Trip" transforms your screen into a canvas of colors, textures, and emotions. The nostalgia of Super8 film captures the essence of the 70s, taking you on an artistic voyage like no other.
© 2023

I stop the time - Ich halt die Zeit an

music video about the uncontrollable speed of time for the Austrian band "Kommado Elefan"
© 2023


With a perfect fusion of captivating animation and hauntingly beautiful music, this music video is a true work of art that will leave you spellbound. So don't miss out on this unforgettable journey - immerse yourself in the world of the lonely yet resilient main character and experience the power of music and animation like never before! Submarine is a song by the austrian band "kommado elefant". it´s a song about beeing alone, and metaphore of the struggles through life. As the music builds and intensifies, you'll be swept away on an emotional rollercoaster, experiencing the heartbreak and isolation that our protagonist feels.
© 2023

the music that you play

'The music that you play' is a song by Austrian band Yellow Mellow, the music video is created by animation artist Nikolaus Jantsch using a technique called "direct animation", or "drawn on film". The footage was produced by painting, drawing and scratching directly on 16mm film. With the help of nowadays software, this century old technique supports the character of the engaging music with a fresh approach, turning great sound into a rousing visual imagery.

"You say, you have no feelings for this world outside your room. You say the only healing is that the music is going on."
This first two lines of the song beautifully describe the feelings of many: seeing music as a sanctuary from the uncomfortable, daily life.
© 2022

desire for tranquility

The desire for peace and quiet comes up with most people, as we live in a hectic, very fast-paced time, where the breathers are often neglected. Our resilience depends, among other things, on the time off we take from the turmoil of everyday life.
we only have one thing, rest.


This short animated film explores the relationship between visual and spoken worlds, when they unite, or when they take separate ways.


We are always special when we start: the lyrical text "First" works with descriptions and critical considerations of the current western world and consciously combines them with quotes from the classic lyrical canon and old myths from a time in which the world was still in order. Archaic images and an abundance of Quotes from fairy tale and legendary literature. The image of the beginning reverses as an important structural element and combines the different texts into a large, whole fabric.


IO is a music video of the Band „Giant Attic“, it tries to set up the poetic text to a visual engaging trip. The lyrics describe a sense of togetherness and unity, but a lot stays uncertain, to open up your mind for free a associations.
It´s a mixture of traditional hand drawn animation with direct on film painted scenes.


The content of this work is about code, the code that surrounds us, that builds the chains of life, the code that is the source of all living and non living structures. Is there a relation between the macro and the micro world? has a bug a similar surface as the moon?
This film is a cooperation with the dutch composer Stephan Dunkelman and the austrian filmmaker Nikolaus Jantsch.

Lightning fields

Year+: 2011

Genre: Stop motion

Light forms generated by the technique of long-term exposure create a poetic visualization, which is supported by hypnotic music.


Year: 2009
Music: various
Genre: stop motion animation

This film tries to build a relation between music and haircuts in different decades.