My name is Nikolaus Jantsch and I am a media artist based in Vienna. In 2006 i passed my diploma with distinction.
Since 2012 i am the head of the animation department at the University of applied Arts Vienna, the same place where i studied.
In 2016 i have found the "Angewandte Animation Award" for the festival "under radar" for students.
Since 2019 i have been the animation festival manager at the Pixel Vienna Festival. I also play in a postrock band called Thalija.



My films & videos:

track 31 (2023)
i stop the time (2023)
submarine (2023)
The Music that you play (2022)
desire for tranquility (2021
Lethe (2020)
Zuerst (2019)
IO (2017)
Microscopia (2016)
If you return (2015)
Thalija Track 15 (2014)
Dawa- Revolution (2013)
Fluchtpunkt Kairo - Kommando Elefant (2012)
Another day Maur Due & Lichter (2011)
lightning fields, (2011)
In all den Jahren, 2010 (Video)
Wer macht die Kleider? Fairer Handel mit Textilien, 2009 (Doku)
Liebe ist ein hormonell bedingter Zustand, 2009 (Animationsfilm)
Eclectic Youth Culture Appearances, 2008 (Animationsfilm)
Actionfilm, 2008 (Animationsfilm)
Stay at Home (2.version), 2007 (Animationsfilm)
The International Photon, 2007 (Animationsfilm)
Wie wir leben, 2006 (Animationsfilm)
Das Schaf dues Herrn Mozart, 2006 (Animationsfilm)
Die Ich-Haut, 2005 (Animationsfilm)
Fever Dream, 2005 (Animationsfilm)
Stay at home, 2005 (Animationsfilm)
'Odyssee im Weltall, 2004 (Video)
Saturierte Systeme, 2003 (Video)
Jagd den Fuchs, 2003 (Animationsfilm)
Cirque de la collage, 2003 (Animationsfilm)